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Full provisional results will be made available on this website on the night of the event. Competitors will also be able to get a breakdown of their individual performance, including total time, penalties at each obstacle and overall placing in the competition from the website. For this you will need your bib number and we strongly suggest that you keep a record of this number (particularly important if you have competed more than once on the day). These results will also be available by phoning 021-4542658 between 10pm and midnight on the night of the event, or between 8pm and 10pm on the following night.

Competitors who compete in the Junior Under 13 or 13-18 event and are subsequently enter any event on the main course, will be deemed to have been out of competition in the Junior event and will not be eligible for a trophy or rosette.

Competitors may enter more than once in the Junior event for training purposes. However, only the first entry shall count towards the competition results. All subsequent entries shall be deemed to be out of competition.

Preliminary results shall be posted on a notice board in the field shortly after each competition, but final results (including Juniors) will not be ratified until one month following the event.

Rosettes and prize money (paid by cheque) will be sent shortly afterwards by post. For this purpose, a telephone number is required from every competitor. Prize fund is dependent on the level of entries in each class.

Any complaints shall be made to the entry box, together with a fee of 25 which is refundable only if the complaint is upheld. A ground jury shall decide on all matters and their decision shall be final. No further appeal will be allowed.

Horses competing in the Open class may not enter any other class other than as part of a Pairs entry. Horses or ponies that compete in the Training event may enter the Novice contest.

Pony competitions are limited to animals 151 cm high and less. Horse competitions are limited to animals greater than 151 cm high. The measuring steward prior to starting may check any competing animal. The decision of the measuring steward shall be final. No objection on the height of an animal shall be accepted after competing. There are no height limitations for animals in the Pairs competitions.

Competitors wishing to compete with multiple entries in a competition must inform the pocket steward of this wish and have their first animal ready to go at the start of this competition. The pocket steward will try to assist this competitor to compete with all entries as long as this does not delay the running of the event.

Body protectors and riding hats with fastened chinstraps must be worn at all times while mounted.

Excessive use of the whip, reported to organisers, will result in a disciplinary hearing and possible disqualification.

No schooling whatsoever is allowed. No warming up is allowed anywhere other than in the official practice arena.

Young children and persons with stollers/buggies will not be allowed through the underpass.

All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

All instructions of stewards must be obeyed, in particular the calls of the pocket stewards.

Any contravention of the above rules may incur automatic disqualification and no entry fees will be refunded.