Score Calculations


Every competitor is judged at each obstacle and assigned a number of penalty faults. A competitor who correctly jumps the obstacle without any errors is CLEAR and does not incur any penalty faults for that obstacle. A competitor who makes an error while attempting the obstacle (refusal, fall, error of course etc.) incurs a penalty according to the table below.

Clear0 faults
First Refusal20 faults
Second Refusal40 faults
Third RefusalEliminated
Fall of rider or horse40 faults
Error of CourseEliminated
Not attemptedEliminated

For example, a competitor that has two refusals at one obstacle will get 20 + 40 = 60 faults.


In each competition, the total number of faults for a competitor is added up and the winner is the competitor with the least amount of faults. If two or more competitors have and the same number of faults, the fastest time wins.

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