Traditionally, a Junior course starts the event off early in the morning for children aged 12 and under. This course is a small and well controlled over 40cm jumps with one or two 50cm and small river crossing. We allow ponies with very novice children to be led around and to skip anything they are afraid of. We also have a class on the same Junior course for 13-18 year olds who are new to cross country riding.

The main course follows with jumps of a wide variety and include natural obstacles such as banks and drains, tree trunks, and river crossings. As well as these natural ones, we have constructed a number of artificial jumps including poles, miniature houses, barrels, etc.

We run three levels of difficulty. The easiest is the Training course and this has three classes: horse, pony and pairs (may be mixed horse and pony). Next up is the Novice course and again we run three classes: horse, pony and pairs (again may be mixed). And finally the most trying course is the Open course in which only single horses may compete.

The Training course is very popular among riders who are relatively new to cross country riding and want to enjoy themselves without being overly competitive. We get a lot of amateur jumpers, pony and riding club members competing in the classes on this course.

The Novice course is for the slightly more experienced, but still quite doable for most good riders. Obviously the Open event is for the very capable rider and horse.

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